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Kings Group Of Companies is duly registered under the companies code,1963(Act179) as a limited liability company, with the Registrar General Department(R.G.D). We are a viable and well-established company which has been in existence from 1995 as a private entity and a Registered member of the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Association of Ghana Industries.

The company has two manufacturing sites in Takoradi and Accra with showrooms across the country. We produce high quality furniture for government establishments, institutions, private organizations as well as NGOs and individual homes.

The company has exhibited consistency in the production of high quality and excellent furniture and built a reputation for its design of wood production, which brings out “The Magic of Wood” and “Sets a Standard”.

Kings Group of Companies is made up of Kings Furniture Co. Ltd, Kingsdeco Ltd., and Kingsbyte Co. Ltd.

Kings Furniture Company Limited is into the manufacturing of domestic and office furniture such as :

• King, Queen, Medium, Double size Beds with very nice and Excellent designs.

• Living room Lounge and Sofa Sets

• Dining sets

• Executive and Standard Wardrobes

• Executive and Standard Dressers

• Top Executive Desk

• Executive L-Shape Desk

• Standard Desk

• Office Table and Chairs

• Top Executive, Manager’s, Secretary and Cashier Swivel Chairs for all sizes and weight which protects and takes care of your spinal cord and its disorders

• Starker chairs

• Visitors Chairs

• Conference Tables and Chairs

• Reception Desk and Seats

• File Cabinets & Bookcases

• WorkStations

• Church and Auditorium Seats

• Doors

• Hospital and Laboratory Furniture

• Both Inbuilt and modular Kitchen Cabinets and general Interior Furnishing as well.

Kingsdeco Limited has in stock readily available Quality imported:

• Rugs

• Throw Pillows & Poufs

• Beddings

• Mattresses

• Frames & Wall Hangings

• Chandeliers

• Wall Papers & Stickers

• Bedside Lamps & Lights

• Electrical Appliances

Kingsbyte Company Limited mainly deals in Glazing Works and General Construction Works - Such as:

• Sliding Doors and Windows

• Swing and Hinge Doors

• Projected Doors

• Casement Doors and Windows

• Office Partitioning

• Curtains & Blinds

• Profiles, Glass & Balustrades and many more

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